Legends of Youth

.plan for Jayden Alexander LaLupe 1352452328

Name: Anonymous Daemon
Shell: /bin/bash

Login: ADaemon
Directory: /Users/ADaemon

On since Sun October 01 01:15 (PST) on console, idle 40 days 01:30 (messages off)
No Mail.
Mountain 1 : Anonymous Daemon 0

I have to keep this brief because my battery is quickly running out but I fucking hate the wild! At least we got the spear but now we have to find and kill some bear. After that is done maybe we can go back to civilization, with power, and data, and indoor plumbing.

A few funny things did happen on the way to the spear like I lost my phone and thankfully Brickhouse found it. The weird part of that is he did not remember finding it… Though he is not all there if you know what I mean. Also I can’t climb a mountain to save my life, but on the pulse side whatever was at the top did not feel me a threat and none of the pesky snow arrows got aimed at me.

I did finally make my way to the top with much help from my new (friends?, pack?, whatever?) they are to me. But not getting up in time for the fight made me feel useless and frustrated that I was not pulling my weight

Well next time I see a mountain and get told to climb I know my first response will be Fuck this Shit I’ll set up a nice camp down here for you all to come back too. With Coco!

Well it time to go off and kill a bear, that should be exciting.

~ Anonymous Daemon

             .'         `.
            :             :
           :               :
           :      _/|      :
            :   =/_/      :
             `._/ |     .'
          (   /  ,|...-'
        _/~  `""~`"` \_
     __/  -'/  `-._ `\_\__ 
   /  /-'`  `\   \  \-.\


ralphlacy BlackLamb

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