Legends of Youth


Human clothes were very strange. But then, human fur was very strange too. All patchy and not very warm. No wonder they needed to make special fur for themselves.

But why make the special fur so complicated? So many pieces. “Boxers” that werent boxlike at all, and not very warm. Why bother, especially because they made it harder to walk all bunched up like that. And why the hole in the back?

Pants, with zippers and belts AND buttons. So many things! He much preferred his pants, with a bib and clips!

Shirts with such tiny buttons, so hard to close! He was smart though, he had tied the bottom together using a thing called a knot.

But weirdest were shoes. Taking away the gripping power of toes and claws just didn’t make sense. Better cold feet than not being able to feel the ground, but apparently he had to wear shoes to fit in.

Hats however, hats were wonderful! They were easy to put on, didn’t need any fancy fastening, and kept your head warm without taking away any senses.

He would have to collect some more hats.


ralphlacy luckyskaven13

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