Legends of Youth


Human clothes were very strange. But then, human fur was very strange too. All patchy and not very warm. No wonder they needed to make special fur for themselves.

But why make the special fur so complicated? So many pieces. “Boxers” that werent boxlike at all, and not very warm. Why bother, especially because they made it harder to walk all bunched up like that. And why the hole in the back?

Pants, with zippers and belts AND buttons. So many things! He much preferred his pants, with a bib and clips!

Shirts with such tiny buttons, so hard to close! He was smart though, he had tied the bottom together using a thing called a knot.

But weirdest were shoes. Taking away the gripping power of toes and claws just didn’t make sense. Better cold feet than not being able to feel the ground, but apparently he had to wear shoes to fit in.

Hats however, hats were wonderful! They were easy to put on, didn’t need any fancy fastening, and kept your head warm without taking away any senses.

He would have to collect some more hats.

.plan for Jayden Alexander LaLupe 1352438528

Name: Anonymous Daemon
Shell: /bin/bash

Login: ADaemon
Directory: /Users/ADaemon

On since Sun October 01 01:15 (PST) on console, idle 39 days 21:45 (messages off)
No Mail.
It’s so nice to not have be a wolf all the time again.

We followed the road today till we found a town that I think is called Sisimiut, that I now know is in Greenland, from the sign outside. It looks like a quaint town out in BFE but I have a feeling that it may be a few decades in the past and I won’t easily find internet. We then decided to search for a clothing store and supplies.

While we were exploring the edge of town Doug and Peter started to explore around in the Umbra. All of a sudden we all heard weasel exclaim and Caitlyn upped and vanished to help then, and next thing I know Paul went running all exposed through town to the building Doug and Peter were exploring in the other sides version of the town.

Oh did I mention apparently buildings and such also some times show up in the Umbra… I wonder if computers do too…?

Back to my story. I decided to take a stealthier and smarter route to the building in town, laying low and hiding behind every bush and wall I could find, just in time to hear Paul start whining. Next thing I see from my vantage point a man the size of three men, who kind of reminded me of the guy in Goonies, comes out the Bar door and starts talking to Paul… WAT he is talking to Paul? How, what the fuck. It ends up he is a garou like us and needs help with his right of passage.

Long story shorter he led us to a clothing store where I found a cool orange shirt and some cargo pants. Plus I was able to grab a second jacket just in case. When we were about to leave I see Paul looking up at the security camera by the register. Well I took care of that by picking the lock to the office in the back and took a tape that looked like it was from the 70s from the recorder back there and put in the tape for the day before, hopefully they will think someone forgot to switch the tapes out.

We let ourselves out and did that ceremony with all the spit and stuff so we could add the new member Brickhouse, did I not mention the big guys name is that, real truth in advertising there, to our pack and that leads up to now.

Next up on the agenda is to Kill a bear and get some magic spear for Brickhouse’s right of passage and find a place to charge my laptop… SHIT should have done that while I was finding cloths in the store.

~ Anonymous Daemon

      /^\      /^\
      |  \    /  |
      ||\ \../ /||
      )'        `(
     ,;`w,    ,w';,
     ;,  ) __ (  ,;
      ;  \(\/)/  ;;
     ;|  |vwwv|    ``-...
      ;  `lwwl'   ;      ```''-.
     ;| ; `""' ; ;              `.
      ;         ,   ,          , |
      '  ;      ;   l    .     | |
      ;    ,  ,    |,-,._|      \;
       ;  ; `' ;   '    \ `\     \;
       |  |    |  |     |   |    |;
       |  ;    ;  |      \   \   (;
       | |      | l       | | \  |
       | |      | |       | |  ) |
       | |      | ;       | |  | |
       ; ,      : ,      ,_.'  | |
      :__'      | |           ,_.'

Going with the flow

This situation is starting to feel more natural. I can seem myself getting used to this. I think I will keep up with putting down my thoughts, this could be an excellent documentary opportunity. Sure would be great to be published!

  • Its odd being so disconnected from everything. I am really falling behind on my reading, I know that new book I have been waiting for is out. Also so behind on my news sites, wonder if NASA did anything recently?
  • Finished off my first Bane with Doug, that sure felt good. Need to try and protect him more, he keeps getting hurt.
  • Doug is proving to be the packs biggest asset and knowledge. I enjoy working with him and will need to keep him by my side.
  • Got some clothes, funny it seemed more like a chore this time. I used to enjoy picking out clothes.
  • Paul is going to be a problem, his need to contact his parents will get the pack killed. Will have to keep a close eye on that one. He just enrages me. Its not like I don’t want to assure my former family that I am ok, but not at the pack’s expense. Hrm this pack is really growing on me.
  • We meet/accepted Brickhouse into our pack, this may of been a bit premature as he has not proven himself enough yet… but I also don’t think it is a mistake. We could use some more muscle in the pack.
  • Pack hierarchy is starting to form… this is not good. How did I let myself fall this far down the chain? I know I can lead this bunch but I need to prove it. It’s not that I have a problem with Caitlyn, but it’s me who is destined to lead this pack.

I can do this!

Welcome to Sisimiut

Our heroes, now joined together as a pack under the auspices of Weasel, decided to follow the road to town. After much internal debate on precisely how to move, while keeping the Hearthstone safe, the pack split into two groups; one for each side of the velvet curtain.

Following the road, they eventually came upon the town of Sisimiut. Caitlyn figured out that the language being used on the signs was close to Icelandic, but not the same.

Stalking quietly into the borders of the town the pack spotted a small building, bedecked with garish lights, and a long building. They decide to send Doug and Peter to investigate.

Doug and Peter discover that the long building is some sort of Town Hall, though the Ancestor Spirits there declared it to be the ‘Lodge’. One of the Ancestors told Doug that there was another Garou back the way they came.

So Doug and Peter returned to the smaller building. There, they had a discovered that there was a Bane spirit inhabiting the building. Doug and Peter quickly defeated it, while Caitlyn rushed over to help, after instinctively switching to the Umbra.

Paul ran over to help in the real world, but was unable to see where the problem was. Instead, he whined a little, which caught the attention of Brickhouse who was inside. Brickhouse came out and within pretty short order the pack all reunited and spoke with Brickhouse.

Brickhouse told them stories of his own failed Rite of Passage, and the pack told Brickhouse the story of how they all came to be together.

However, the pack realized that they still needed clothing, and that was the priority. Lucky for them, Brickhouse knew where the clothing store was and led them over to get some. It took some time, but the pack managed to get the clothes they needed. There was a security concern when Paul ‘accidentally’ stepped in front of the camera to get the first-aid kit, but Jayden was able to remove the security tape.

The pack headed out of town, and decided to invite Brickhouse to join their pack. “Well, you guys don’t hurt me, and I need new friends. Okay.”, he said. Templeton helped Doug lead the pack in another Rite to bring Brickhouse into the fold.

Now, the pack has decided to help Brickhouse complete his Rite, and Weasel has said he will recognize the completion of their own Rite at the same time.

Official Game Time: 02:21, November 9th, 2012.

Doug is at 4 agg, due to the attack by the Bane Spirit.
Party Assets:
Each member of the party has 1 set of clothes.
Jayden grabbed an extra sweater to replace his own.
Caitlyn grabbed a couple of XXL shirts.
Paul grabbed a medkit.
The pack still has the Hearthstone
They also have the clothes from the bar:

  • 2 Parkas
  • 3 left gloves
  • A skimask
  • a blanket
  • (A pair of women’s underwear, in the pocket of one of the parkas)
    Jayden has his backpack, which has the following inside:
  • An android tablet
  • A macbook pro
  • An android smartphone
  • a set of keys
  • a kindle
  • various charging cords
  • a bottle of advil
  • a set of earbuds
  • a pack of 4 AA batteries
  • a flashdrive
  • a package of “GamerGrub
    Brickhouse has all of his gear, which includes:
  • (TBD)

XP Gain
Doug and Caitlyn both got 3
Everyone else (including Brickhouse) got 2.

The Litany
Garou Litany

Weasel told the pack that there were rules. A Litany. Here is is:

  • Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou
  • Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds
  • Respect the Territory of Another
  • Accept an Honorable Surrender
  • Submission to Those of Higher Station
  • The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest of Station
  • Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans
  • Respect for Those beneath Ye – All Are of Gaia
  • The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted
  • Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness
  • The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time during Peace
  • The Leader May Not Be Challenged during Wartime
  • Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated
The Life and Times of Paul Wright

The Life and Times of Paul Wright…

So… yesterday we found ourselves what they call a totem. He’s a giant weasel. You might think: a giant weasel, that’s way uncool. Actually though, it’s not. A weasel is a really inventive predator, often despised, but really good at what they do. They can get out of tight spots, kind of like what we find ourselves in now…

Of course, now it’s like, what? We’re werewolves… and now we have a weasel to guide us.

If I didn’t think I was high, I would now. This is just totally mad. My parents used to joke that I spent so much time in the woods that I’d start seeing ghosts or be like one of those crazy guys who have a cabin in the woods. I guess I am now. Except I’m not a guy anymore, I’m a werewolf. I mean, I’m still male thankfully, but I’m not really a human anymore.

I can’t see my family anymore. My mom will never know that I’m alive. She thinks her son died in a terrible airplane crash, and… I guess she’s right. I died in that crash. Maybe this is the afterlife, or maybe I came back as a werewolf. I never really believed any of that, but maybe that’s what’s happened here. Or maybe I’m not me anymore, and just got possessed by some werewolf spirit? Or this is some Sixth Sense kind of thing, and I’m really just dead? How could I tell?

My family thinks I’m dead, my friends too, and now I have to be a Garou and have all these rules about what I can and can’t do. The litany they called it. I have forgotten most of them by now, except the one about not mating with another werewolf. Uhm, okay. I’m not really intending on having kids anytime soon, not for like 10 years anyway.

Also what the heck is Doug? He was a dog, and now he can talk and be like us? That’s all kinds of messed up. I guess maybe it makes sense if he was a good dog, and then he died and came back as something more than a dog? Can he eventually become human when he reincarnates?

Actually that is making a lot more sense than I thought. You die, and if you’re good, you become closer to God. If you are bad, you move closer to the animals… Of course I don’t know where this big-scary-werewolf fits into things, is that better than a human or worse? I have to assume it’s worse since it’s closer to the animals. Kind of like the devil being part of us…

I’m probably going to hell for thinking all of this.

I’m probably already in hell. My family can’t know I’m alive, I’m some kind of hideous beast, and I’m talking to ghosts. There are things that want to kill me, a “pack” of other non-Christians…

I don’t even know. This is depressing.


This new world was very big and very confusing for Doug.

Life was very simple as a dog. Eat, sleep, play, protect his humans!

Now there was so much more. His brain was full of memory, and much more detailed than before.

And language.

Language was hard. He could communicate much more clearly, but there was so much confusion to language. You could say the wrong thing, or say the right thing the wrong way.

So many new words, and so many different meanings.

And humans! They had always been confusing, and all of this newfound brainpower just made for more confusing questions, not answers.

At least he understood what he was supposed to do.

Fight the bad things, protect: He had always done this, he was just bigger and stronger now, so had to fight bigger things and protect more.

Mate: Why was this so strange to his packmates? How could mating be taboo
PACKMATES! He had a pack!

A very strange pack, but a pack.

He couldn’t let them down. They were obviously very upset over this change, and they seemed to be relying on him to be the one who understood. He didn’t really understand, more like he accepted and was moving on. He had Templeton to help too. So he would project confidence.

His pack needed him!

.plan for Jayden Alexander LaLupe 1352334608

Name: Anonymous Daemon
Shell: /bin/bash

Login: ADaemon
Directory: /Users/ADaemon

On since Sun October 01 01:15 (UTC) on console, idle 38 days 20:10 (messages off)
No Mail.
What the Fuck apparently Werewolves are real, and to top it off apparently I am one…
I know your thinking, what the hell when did you get bit. Apparently it does not work that way; you’re born with it and at some inconvenient time when your stressed or scared you change for the first time.

Well I ended up having my first change on a crashing plane along with four other werewolfs and all of a sudden it was all Mother Fucking Werewolves on the Mother Fuckin Plane and then one grabbed me and zap we all were in a weird new place on a spider web under a giant dead spider, later we learned that was the planes spirit. After that it all became a blur.

Fast forward to what I think was a day or so later and I wake up with just my sweater out in the woods with a super friendly dog telling me to “put on my fur” then all of a sudden a big creature jumped at me while a little red furred wolf, who I later learned was the girl sitting across of me, the one who made me so nervous, bit my leg.

After a while I started to believe them that this was not just a bad trip and figured out how to transform, it was a hell of a lot better than being mostly naked in front of that girl. They then told me I needed to learn my magic…I tried to explain to them that all magic is unexplained technology and it was not real. Then next thing I knew a ball of light was floating around my head. After that they pulled out my tablet and told me to look inside, I got this weird feeling and then nothing, I was sure they were full of shit but then they convinced me to try again and BOOM I was back in the weird place with a big ass rat. Next thing I knew a cool man straight out of a video game came over to me and it was like the fucking Matrix. I learned that magic is real and a few powers to use.

After that the rest of the group showed up and I was told we were a pack and needed to pick a totem. We ended up with a weasel and after some weird bonding ceremony involving it eating magic balls and spit, it could talk to us and started telling us about being a pack and the laws of the Garou (werewolves) etc…

During all this I learned that I am a member of a tribe called the Glass Walkers and I think that is why I have such mad skills with computers. They sound like a pretty cool tribe and I hope I can get to run into some more Glass Walkers and learn more.

Well we are now going to follow a road hoping to find a town or city, and I’m hoping to find some clothes. I’ll keep this .plan up to date as we figure all this out.

~ Anonymous Daemon

                                ( ;`~v/~~~ ;._
                             ,/'"/^) ' < o\  '".~'\\\--,
                           ,/",/W  u '`. ~  >,._..,   )'
                          ,/'  w  ,U^v  ;//^)/')/^\;~)'
                       ,/"'/   W` ^v  W |;         )/'
                     ;''  |  v' v`" W }  \\
                    "    .'\    v  `v/^W,) '\)\.)\/)
                             `\   ,/,)'   ''')/^"-;'
                                   '". _
Picking Totem

(The GM didn’t make a post for this session, so adding after the fact)

The Pack selected Weasel as the Totem.

Weasel selected as Totem.

XP Gain
Need to Double Check.
Doug and Caitlyn got 3.
Paul and Jayden got 2.
Brickhouse and Peter missed the session.

Shit just got real!

Peter Morgan’s notes:

Holy hell has my world turned upside down. I have never had any sort of log for my thoughts/dreams before but this is too crazy for me to process right now. Maybe writing it all down and reviewing it later will help.

  • On trip to Germany to see some scenery/castles and the plane crashes.
  • During plane crash I have somehow now become a giant wolf.
  • A few others on the plane also seemed to of gone through a similar change.
  • Between this and an alternative universe I original thought I was some sort of high or dream but I don’t see any reason for it to last this long or be so vivid. Could be in a coma, have not read much about recovered coma patients and what they went through.
  • Some of the others who changed are adapting better than others, im just rolling with it right now and trying not to question too much.
  • Spirit rat seems to be guiding us, so far has not turned us wrong. Rat is tied to dog somehow… weird speaking to a dog.
  • Feels like a lot of the children fantasy books I have read in how we have transformed but much more brutal of a story and experiences. Disney story gone wrong.
  • Have abilities that seem to be superhuman, subcultures that normal people just don’t realize exist. Great… now I grasping stuff from that stupid Twilight series.
  • Have been given extra abilities as wolf by polar bear… really? Cant seem to relate this to any book I have read. Maybe pulling it from native american history books?
  • Other people around me seem ok… none of them set off any flags and I guess we should work together to get through this.

Keep calm and carry on, yeah that’s what I will do.

Now apparently we have to pick a creature “totem” now to represent us. Or I think that’s what is going on. Lots of idea’s flying around. It should be something strong, cunning and known. Fox or eagle sound good to me. Lot of dumb ideas have been suggested too like Unicorn, windigo’s and other creatures that don’t technically exists. Pretty lame, I want something that has a chance of helping us as the rat says it will.


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