Legends of Youth

Welcome to Sisimiut

Our heroes, now joined together as a pack under the auspices of Weasel, decided to follow the road to town. After much internal debate on precisely how to move, while keeping the Hearthstone safe, the pack split into two groups; one for each side of the velvet curtain.

Following the road, they eventually came upon the town of Sisimiut. Caitlyn figured out that the language being used on the signs was close to Icelandic, but not the same.

Stalking quietly into the borders of the town the pack spotted a small building, bedecked with garish lights, and a long building. They decide to send Doug and Peter to investigate.

Doug and Peter discover that the long building is some sort of Town Hall, though the Ancestor Spirits there declared it to be the ‘Lodge’. One of the Ancestors told Doug that there was another Garou back the way they came.

So Doug and Peter returned to the smaller building. There, they had a discovered that there was a Bane spirit inhabiting the building. Doug and Peter quickly defeated it, while Caitlyn rushed over to help, after instinctively switching to the Umbra.

Paul ran over to help in the real world, but was unable to see where the problem was. Instead, he whined a little, which caught the attention of Brickhouse who was inside. Brickhouse came out and within pretty short order the pack all reunited and spoke with Brickhouse.

Brickhouse told them stories of his own failed Rite of Passage, and the pack told Brickhouse the story of how they all came to be together.

However, the pack realized that they still needed clothing, and that was the priority. Lucky for them, Brickhouse knew where the clothing store was and led them over to get some. It took some time, but the pack managed to get the clothes they needed. There was a security concern when Paul ‘accidentally’ stepped in front of the camera to get the first-aid kit, but Jayden was able to remove the security tape.

The pack headed out of town, and decided to invite Brickhouse to join their pack. “Well, you guys don’t hurt me, and I need new friends. Okay.”, he said. Templeton helped Doug lead the pack in another Rite to bring Brickhouse into the fold.

Now, the pack has decided to help Brickhouse complete his Rite, and Weasel has said he will recognize the completion of their own Rite at the same time.

Official Game Time: 02:21, November 9th, 2012.

Doug is at 4 agg, due to the attack by the Bane Spirit.
Party Assets:
Each member of the party has 1 set of clothes.
Jayden grabbed an extra sweater to replace his own.
Caitlyn grabbed a couple of XXL shirts.
Paul grabbed a medkit.
The pack still has the Hearthstone
They also have the clothes from the bar:

  • 2 Parkas
  • 3 left gloves
  • A skimask
  • a blanket
  • (A pair of women’s underwear, in the pocket of one of the parkas)
    Jayden has his backpack, which has the following inside:
  • An android tablet
  • A macbook pro
  • An android smartphone
  • a set of keys
  • a kindle
  • various charging cords
  • a bottle of advil
  • a set of earbuds
  • a pack of 4 AA batteries
  • a flashdrive
  • a package of “GamerGrub
    Brickhouse has all of his gear, which includes:
  • (TBD)

XP Gain
Doug and Caitlyn both got 3
Everyone else (including Brickhouse) got 2.


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