Legends of Youth

Tiger by the Tail

Thoughtfully, Caitlyn watched the others around her and pondered next steps.

Concerns flitted through her mind, and – though she didn’t realize it – across her face, expressive when she was unguarded. “I don’t know how I’m going to get these guys to work together. Jayden is dying to get back to someplace with electricity, and I don’t blame him. Poor Paul only wants to go home, though by tomorrow will have changed his mind again. I wish…”

The thought trailed off as she watched Peter storm by. Clearly something was bothering him, but he practically seethed with ‘leave me alone’ energy. Sighing, she wished again for a way to connect with the fierce Ahroun.

Attempting to let go of what couldn’t be fixed right now, her mind wandered toward the idea of rites. None of the useful ones were interesting. She felt compelled to balance her desire to learn something she’d be good at against what might be most useful for the whole pack, and in the end found herself lacking. There seemed to be very little that she would be particularly qualified for, aside from the small hunting rites that Windwalker had snidely commented every cub should learn.

Of course, admitting that she was lost and confused would be a sign of weakness, and she was absolutely certain showing weakness would be a very bad idea. The whole Alpha situation was already out of control; once you have the tiger by the tail – " … or would that be wolf?" she wondered – there’s really nothing to do but hold on. Had she really known what she was signing up for she might have made other choices.

Shaking her head, she stood up and dusted off her new leggings. There hadn’t been another choice. If all the world is ranked in order of dominance, then refusing to be ranked below someone else means you’ve gotta be above them. And if you look around and don’t see anyone you’re willing to rank below, then there’s your answer.

It wasn’t much of an answer, but it was all she had.


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