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The Life and Times of Paul Wright

The Life and Times of Paul Wright…

So… yesterday we found ourselves what they call a totem. He’s a giant weasel. You might think: a giant weasel, that’s way uncool. Actually though, it’s not. A weasel is a really inventive predator, often despised, but really good at what they do. They can get out of tight spots, kind of like what we find ourselves in now…

Of course, now it’s like, what? We’re werewolves… and now we have a weasel to guide us.

If I didn’t think I was high, I would now. This is just totally mad. My parents used to joke that I spent so much time in the woods that I’d start seeing ghosts or be like one of those crazy guys who have a cabin in the woods. I guess I am now. Except I’m not a guy anymore, I’m a werewolf. I mean, I’m still male thankfully, but I’m not really a human anymore.

I can’t see my family anymore. My mom will never know that I’m alive. She thinks her son died in a terrible airplane crash, and… I guess she’s right. I died in that crash. Maybe this is the afterlife, or maybe I came back as a werewolf. I never really believed any of that, but maybe that’s what’s happened here. Or maybe I’m not me anymore, and just got possessed by some werewolf spirit? Or this is some Sixth Sense kind of thing, and I’m really just dead? How could I tell?

My family thinks I’m dead, my friends too, and now I have to be a Garou and have all these rules about what I can and can’t do. The litany they called it. I have forgotten most of them by now, except the one about not mating with another werewolf. Uhm, okay. I’m not really intending on having kids anytime soon, not for like 10 years anyway.

Also what the heck is Doug? He was a dog, and now he can talk and be like us? That’s all kinds of messed up. I guess maybe it makes sense if he was a good dog, and then he died and came back as something more than a dog? Can he eventually become human when he reincarnates?

Actually that is making a lot more sense than I thought. You die, and if you’re good, you become closer to God. If you are bad, you move closer to the animals… Of course I don’t know where this big-scary-werewolf fits into things, is that better than a human or worse? I have to assume it’s worse since it’s closer to the animals. Kind of like the devil being part of us…

I’m probably going to hell for thinking all of this.

I’m probably already in hell. My family can’t know I’m alive, I’m some kind of hideous beast, and I’m talking to ghosts. There are things that want to kill me, a “pack” of other non-Christians…

I don’t even know. This is depressing.


ralphlacy zorkian

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