Legends of Youth

.plan for Jayden Alexander LaLupe 1352438528

Name: Anonymous Daemon
Shell: /bin/bash

Login: ADaemon
Directory: /Users/ADaemon

On since Sun October 01 01:15 (PST) on console, idle 39 days 21:45 (messages off)
No Mail.
It’s so nice to not have be a wolf all the time again.

We followed the road today till we found a town that I think is called Sisimiut, that I now know is in Greenland, from the sign outside. It looks like a quaint town out in BFE but I have a feeling that it may be a few decades in the past and I won’t easily find internet. We then decided to search for a clothing store and supplies.

While we were exploring the edge of town Doug and Peter started to explore around in the Umbra. All of a sudden we all heard weasel exclaim and Caitlyn upped and vanished to help then, and next thing I know Paul went running all exposed through town to the building Doug and Peter were exploring in the other sides version of the town.

Oh did I mention apparently buildings and such also some times show up in the Umbra… I wonder if computers do too…?

Back to my story. I decided to take a stealthier and smarter route to the building in town, laying low and hiding behind every bush and wall I could find, just in time to hear Paul start whining. Next thing I see from my vantage point a man the size of three men, who kind of reminded me of the guy in Goonies, comes out the Bar door and starts talking to Paul… WAT he is talking to Paul? How, what the fuck. It ends up he is a garou like us and needs help with his right of passage.

Long story shorter he led us to a clothing store where I found a cool orange shirt and some cargo pants. Plus I was able to grab a second jacket just in case. When we were about to leave I see Paul looking up at the security camera by the register. Well I took care of that by picking the lock to the office in the back and took a tape that looked like it was from the 70s from the recorder back there and put in the tape for the day before, hopefully they will think someone forgot to switch the tapes out.

We let ourselves out and did that ceremony with all the spit and stuff so we could add the new member Brickhouse, did I not mention the big guys name is that, real truth in advertising there, to our pack and that leads up to now.

Next up on the agenda is to Kill a bear and get some magic spear for Brickhouse’s right of passage and find a place to charge my laptop… SHIT should have done that while I was finding cloths in the store.

~ Anonymous Daemon

      /^\      /^\
      |  \    /  |
      ||\ \../ /||
      )'        `(
     ,;`w,    ,w';,
     ;,  ) __ (  ,;
      ;  \(\/)/  ;;
     ;|  |vwwv|    ``-...
      ;  `lwwl'   ;      ```''-.
     ;| ; `""' ; ;              `.
      ;         ,   ,          , |
      '  ;      ;   l    .     | |
      ;    ,  ,    |,-,._|      \;
       ;  ; `' ;   '    \ `\     \;
       |  |    |  |     |   |    |;
       |  ;    ;  |      \   \   (;
       | |      | l       | | \  |
       | |      | |       | |  ) |
       | |      | ;       | |  | |
       ; ,      : ,      ,_.'  | |
      :__'      | |           ,_.'


ralphlacy BlackLamb

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