Legends of Youth


This new world was very big and very confusing for Doug.

Life was very simple as a dog. Eat, sleep, play, protect his humans!

Now there was so much more. His brain was full of memory, and much more detailed than before.

And language.

Language was hard. He could communicate much more clearly, but there was so much confusion to language. You could say the wrong thing, or say the right thing the wrong way.

So many new words, and so many different meanings.

And humans! They had always been confusing, and all of this newfound brainpower just made for more confusing questions, not answers.

At least he understood what he was supposed to do.

Fight the bad things, protect: He had always done this, he was just bigger and stronger now, so had to fight bigger things and protect more.

Mate: Why was this so strange to his packmates? How could mating be taboo
PACKMATES! He had a pack!

A very strange pack, but a pack.

He couldn’t let them down. They were obviously very upset over this change, and they seemed to be relying on him to be the one who understood. He didn’t really understand, more like he accepted and was moving on. He had Templeton to help too. So he would project confidence.

His pack needed him!


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