Legends of Youth

Going with the flow

This situation is starting to feel more natural. I can seem myself getting used to this. I think I will keep up with putting down my thoughts, this could be an excellent documentary opportunity. Sure would be great to be published!

  • Its odd being so disconnected from everything. I am really falling behind on my reading, I know that new book I have been waiting for is out. Also so behind on my news sites, wonder if NASA did anything recently?
  • Finished off my first Bane with Doug, that sure felt good. Need to try and protect him more, he keeps getting hurt.
  • Doug is proving to be the packs biggest asset and knowledge. I enjoy working with him and will need to keep him by my side.
  • Got some clothes, funny it seemed more like a chore this time. I used to enjoy picking out clothes.
  • Paul is going to be a problem, his need to contact his parents will get the pack killed. Will have to keep a close eye on that one. He just enrages me. Its not like I don’t want to assure my former family that I am ok, but not at the pack’s expense. Hrm this pack is really growing on me.
  • We meet/accepted Brickhouse into our pack, this may of been a bit premature as he has not proven himself enough yet… but I also don’t think it is a mistake. We could use some more muscle in the pack.
  • Pack hierarchy is starting to form… this is not good. How did I let myself fall this far down the chain? I know I can lead this bunch but I need to prove it. It’s not that I have a problem with Caitlyn, but it’s me who is destined to lead this pack.

I can do this!


Love it!

Going with the flow
ralphlacy ralphlacy

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