Legends of Youth

Fighting the Bear Spirit

Our heroes finally came to the culmination of their quest.

Having successfully acquired the Spear of the Bear Spirit, and consulting with the spirits of Falcon in the area, they have tracked down the location of the biggest, nastiest, ugliest bear in the area.

The pack slowly crept up to the edge of the cave the bear was in.

Doug volunteered to sneak in and try to herd it out corner. Rather than try to fight it directly, he decided to go with the “piss, howl, and run” technique. While it certainly woke the bear up, not enough for it to give chase.

So, instead, the pack all decided to enter the cave together – with Paul using his Lambent Flame to provide light.

The pack surrounded the massive DemonBear, each doing their best to cause damage to the thing. The creature hit like a truck, nearly taking Paul down in a single hit. Paul retaliated by trying to take a bite out of the creature’s haunch, only to be rewarded with retching at the taste of the creature’s rotten flesh.

Nothing seemed to penetrate it’s thick hide, until Caitlyn finally managed to score a hit with the Spear. The bear howled in pain, and turned its full fury against her. It clobbered her, almost bringing her to the ground. Brickhouse, enraged at seeing his packmember injured, attacked the beast with brutal fury and tore it apart.

The pack saw the Bane spirit disappear across the umbra. After a moment of respite, the pack decided to hand the Spear off to Paul and dive across the umbra in pursuit of the bane.

Sure enough, there it was. A huge Bear-Bane, waiting to attack the Garou who had caused it so much trouble. While this creature did not hit as hard as when it inhabited a corporeal body, the wounds incurred by bane would heal only with difficulty.

The pack set upon the spirit. Having learned that only the spear could really damage it, this time the strategy was to distract the bear enough for Paul to land a killing blow. Doug remained close to Paul so as to heal if necessary. Jayden opted to grapple the bear – but since the creature was so much larger than he, it was more a matter of riding the bane. Before long, Paul managed to drive the spear home.

The spirit exploded, leaving behind a small gaffling of a Polar Bear spirit. The pack spoke to the nacient spirit, and learned of its plight.

Doug gave the creature a little Gnosis before sending it on its way.

Now the pack must trek back to the Sept of the Arctic Fox to finish their Rite of Passage.

Official Game Time: 05:51, Thursday, November 16th, 2012.
Phase of the moon: Crescent Waxing.


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